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Homemade dry meat products of Cetinje based company Zrnožit have been a staple of Montenegrin dining culture since 1992.
Beside a long tradition and recipes of the Kaluđerović family, the preparation of our top quality products benefits from the unique climate of Mt. Lovćen, situated above the karst plain of Cetinje field. Air dried and cold-smoked, our products have a specific taste that will certainly satisfy even the most demanding hedonists.
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Jovan Kaluđerović

Jovan Kaluđerović,

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  • Dry-cured pork ham

    vacuum sliced
  • Dry-cured pork ham

  • Dry-cured tenderloin

    vacuum sliced
  • Homemade sausage

  • Dry-cured bacon

    vacuum sliced
  • Dry-cured pork neck

    vacuum sliced
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Donji kraj br.3
Cetinje, 81250

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